Load moving skates: move heavy loads safe, simple and fast

If you need to move fragile or heavy equipment within your facility, air caster (or air skates/ air bearings) are a great solution. You simply place the air caster rigging system underneath the object that you want to transport. Connect it to your air supply system and move the load within minutes! This specific transport principle can be compared to the movement of a hovercraft. Hence the name Hover Transport Systems.

Start working with the heavy equipment moving skates in three simple steps:

  1. Place the load moving skates system underneath the object.
  2. Apply compressed air to lift the load from the floor.
  3. When the air pressure overcomes the weight of the object, it starts to hover and you can move the load easily and without friction.
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Hover Transport is used in numerous applications


Moving equipment in the semiconductor industry, because there is no vibration

Heavy machines

Moving heavy machines during production between different production stations, because it can be moved omnidirectional

Roll handling

Moving paper or metal rolls, because it takes less manpower

Aircraft & Aerospace

Moving aircraft and aerospace equipment during production, because it is cleanroom suitable

Replacement air casters from all manufacturers!

Hover Transport Systems only uses durable, high grade materials. We process these materials on our precision machinery to create constant, high quality products. We invented a cost-effective production process that has the flexibility to also produce air caster systems that are compatible to other manufacturers such as Solving, Aerogo, Delu and Aerofilm Systems.  Our unique design allows us to only replace the wearing parts. This method is cost-effective because it saves both in purchasing and transport costs. Up to 50%!


Using air skates for moving machinery is safe because the loads are lifted from underneath and there are no harmful exhaust gasses.


The air caster rigging system allows you to move loads fast, because it only takes a few minutes to install and allows the objects to be positioned accurately.


Hover transport (by using load moving skates) is simple to use; you just need compressed air and a suitable floor.

Products and specifications

Air casters

Air casters are the core elements in an air bearing system. These are the hovering and pneumatic lifting parts which consists of a metal backplate with a torus or bladder. The bladder / torus is either made from neoprene rubber or polyurethane plastic. The benefit of plastic is that it's almost wear free, but it has  less capacity. Neoprene has almost twice the capacity and can generate a higher lift.

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Air caster systems

Moving heavy equipment can be a challenge. Especially if you’re dealing with fragile loads. Let us be the bearer of good news: our air caster system (or air bearing system) can ease this process in a safe, fast and simple way. You simply place the air caster rigging system underneath the object you want to transport. Connect it to your air supply system and easily move the load within minutes!

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Repairs, Spares, Services

In order to keep your air caster (systems) in optimum condition, we provide these services for all types of air casters from all manufacturers : - Preventive air caster inspection - Air caster repairs (tread replacement) - Complete rubber bladder (torus bag) exchange - Supply air caster and other pneumatic spare parts - Designated or consignment stock on-site - Full service contract Our air caster parts and systems are fully interchangeable with other brands as well. This will definitely help you save costs.

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Would you like some more information about air casters or specific products? Please visit our webshop for all specifications, details and pricing. Or contact us if you have any further questions. Our experts are at your service and will be happy to help you out!


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