Air Caster Repair, Spare & Services

ALL THE TYPES, ALL the brands!

Hover Transport Systems is the right company when you want to keep your air casters (or air bearings, air cushions) in the best shape possible.

Together with our local Certified Service Partners we provide services like air caster repair, air bearing repair and spare parts. We can even make full-service contracts.

In order to provide you the lowest TCO possible, we can repair air casters. All types of air casters from all manufacturers that are currently on the market. Both the neoprene and polyurethane types.

In some cases we will even renew the warranty.

Example for a 500mm (21″) diameter air caster:

  • Air caster repair (just replace the top rubber layer)*
    • Costs €180 (35% of new air caster)
  • Air caster exchange bladder (the complete rubber part)**
    • Costs €257 (50% of new air caster)
  • Complete new replacement air caster (100% compatibel to other brands @ lower cost)
    • Costs €513

Air bearing services

Preventive air caster inspection

Planned preventive inspection of your air caster transport machines

Air caster repair tread

An exchange of just the top layer of rubber that is in contact with the floor

Complete rubber exchange

Exchange the complete rubber torus bag or diaphragm

Air caster and pneumatic spare parts

Deliver spare air caster and other pneumatic parts

On site stock

Have a number of spare air caster as consignment stock in your own facility

Full service contract

An all-in service contract for your complete air casters inventory, regardless of type and make

How does this air caster repair service work?

  1. Contact Hover Transport Systems to check the possibilities for your air caster(s) and send them to us
  • Fill out the contact form below, call or send an e-mail
  • You receive an estimate of the repair costs
  • Send the air casters to us

2. Analyses of damage and quotation for repair

  • We analyse the damage and possibilities for repair
  • You receive a final quotation

3. Repair, remanufacturing or new

We execute the service that is needed:

  • A tread (neoprene surface) repair costs about 30% of the price of a new air caster
  • A complete torus (complete rubber part) exchange costs about 50% of the price of a new air caster
  • When it is not profitable to repair, we can offer a new, 100% compatible, air caster for a very competitive price

4. Return and renewal of warranty

  • We send the repaired air caster back
  • We renew the warranty in some cases

One stop shop

We repair and manufacture all types of air casters, from all brands available in the market

The right service for you

From a single air caster repair to a full-service contract

Renewed warranty

In most cases we renew the warranty completely

Replacement bladder/ torus for air casters

The Neoprene and Polyurethane replacement air caster bladder/ torus is a replacement part that comes with new screws to attach the bladder to the original backplate.

More information

Tread repairs for neoprene air casters

A tread exchange for the neoprene air casters is the replacement of just the top layer of rubber that is in contact with the floor.

More information

Air casters

Air casters are the core elements in an air bearing system. These are the hovering and pneumatic lifting parts which consists of a metal backplate with a torus or bladder. The bladder / torus is either made from neoprene rubber or polyurethane plastic. The benefit of plastic is that it's almost wear free, but it has  less capacity. Neoprene has almost twice the capacity and can generate a higher lift.

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