Machine transport services

If you’re searching for a solution for moving heavy loads within your factory, you have reached your goal. Our industrial moving services enable you to relocate heavy equipment with great precision. The loads are lifted from underneath and the principle works like a hovercraft, hence our name Hover Transport System. We always work ecologically sound: the unique design of our air casters allows all used materials to be recycled. Additionally we deliver services to repair and recondition air casters to have a positive impact on the environment. Our air bearings are budget friendly. Our air bearing applications are almost wear free and cost a fraction of alternative transportation methods. 

Use equipment relocation services and save money

Relocating and handling heavy machinery is made easier, faster and safer with our machine transport services, but it can help you save money as well. We have developed a unique production process that enables us to repair only the broken parts of damaged air casters. We replace and manufacture all types of air casters from all manufacturers worldwide. This can save you up to 70% in costs.

Industrial moving services

Movement of heavy equipment is performed in a big variety of businesses. Our machine transport services can add value in every step of the production process in both the large and heavy machine building industries as well as different production companies. 

  • During the production process: move heavy parts and machines from production station A to production station B and eventually store finished products.
  • During logistics: the loading and unloading of road transport vehicles.
  • During commissioning and implementation: move machines within the factory and place them at the desired location with millimeter precision.
  • During relocations: uninstall machines at their original location, move them to the new location and assemble again.
  • During decommissioning: disassemble the heavy parts of machines and remove them from the factory.

Why you should use our industrial relocation services

Using hover transport for relocating heavy equipment allows you to move in a fast, safe and simple way:

  • Fast: it only takes a moment to install and connect the machine transport services to the air supply and you’re ready to move the loads.
  • Simple: using the hover transport is easy and accessible for everyone, you only need a suitable floor and compressed air.
  • Safe: heavy equipment transportation services are low risk because the loads are lifted from underneath. Therefore, the risk of loads falling down, breaking and/or causing serious injuries is minimal. Additionally, the services don’t produce harmful exhaust gasses.