Air casters

Air casters are the core elements in an air bearing system. These are the hovering and pneumatic lifting parts which consists of a metal backplate with a torus or bladder. The bladder / torus is either made from neoprene rubber or polyurethane plastic. The benefit of plastic is that it’s almost wear free, but it has  less capacity. Neoprene has almost twice the capacity and can generate a higher lift.

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Neoprene and polyurethane air casters

When the air bearing casters are operational, it looks like the movement of a hovercraft and that’s exactly what our hover transport systems do. We produce both the neoprene and the polyurethane types of air bearings. This enables us to produce air casters that are compatible with other manufacturers such as Solving, Aerogo and Aerofilm Systems as well. Neoprene and polyurethane air casters have different advantages:

  • The neoprene aero casters have a higher lift, so you can pick up objects higher from the floor. This is especially handy if you want to move a range of different objects. These air casters also have a large capacity: they have twice the capacity of the polyurethane air casters.
  • The polyurethane air bearings consume less air compared to the neoprene types. Additionally, the polyurethane material is more durable.


Replacement air casters for all manufacturers

Durable, high grade materials are the standard at Hover Transport Systems. The materials are processed on our own precision machinery, which enables us to create high quality products on a constant level. The cost-effective production process that we invented enables us to produce air casters that are also compatible with the air casters of other manufacturers. We work with a unique design which allows us to only replace the wearing parts. It saves up to 50% in both purchasing and transport costs!


The application of air lift casters in different situations

Moving heavy loads can be desirable in numerous applications. Our air bearing casters enable a fast, simple, and above all safe transportation of your equipment. 

  • Safe: loads are lifted from underneath and no harmful exhaust gasses are produced during transport.
  • Fast: it only takes a few minutes to install the air caster system and allows to position the moved load accurately.
  • Simple: you just need compressed air and a suitable floor.