Air Caster Polyurethane 450kg/ 1.000lbs Ø20cm/8″

Product description

Polyurethane Air Caster • Capacity • 450 kg/ 1.000 lbs • Ø20cm x 2,4cm • 2 bar

Type: P-20H

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This is the polyurethane air caster with the dimensions Ø20cm x 2,4cm (Ø7,8 x 0,9″) that has a maximum capacity of 450 kg (1.000 lbs) at 2 bar (29 psi) pressure. Minimum capacity is about 220 kg (500 lbs).

Air inlet size is 1/4″.

You can choose between HDPE or stainless steel as the material for the support plate (the disc that sits on the floor). When you cannot select the specific type you need, please contact us and we can make you a proposal.

More details can be found in the specification sheet in the Downloads section.


Weight N/A

Ø20 x 2,4cm

Maximum capacity

Air Caster pressure

Air Consumption

70 l/min

Air Connection


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