Air caster systems

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Two types of air transport systems

This transport principle can be compared to the movement of a hovercraft. We have two types of air transport systems within this category. You can choose which one suits your application better:

  • The modular system is a complete, plug and play air cushion transport system with all components included. Just connect the air supply and start moving! The capacity ranges between 400 and 240.000 kg (880 – 530.000 lbs).
  • The D(o) I(t) Y(ourself) system has all essential parts to build your own air transport system. Just install the air bearings and the air control unit. The capacity ranges from 360 kg up to well over 240.000 kg (800 – >530.000 lbs). 

Both systems can be equipped with either neoprene or polyurethane air casters. Neoprene has a higher lift (to easily pick up objects from the floor) and a larger capacity because it can handle a maximum pressure of 4 bar. The polyurethane air bearings consume less air and are more durable in their use.


High quality air transport systems

We only use durable, high grade materials in our air bearing systems. We process these materials on our precision machinery to create constant, high quality products. We invented a cost-effective production process that has the flexibility to also produce air caster systems that are compatible to other manufacturers such as Solving, Aerogo, Delu and Aerofilm Systems. Our unique design allows us to only replace the wearing parts. This method is cost-effective because it saves both in purchasing and transport costs. Up to 50%!


Hover transport can be used in numerous applications

The air transport systems can be used in a lot of applications and embedded in all kinds of transport devices, for example:

  • Moving equipment in the semiconductor industry, because there is no vibration.
  • Moving heavy machines during production between different production stations, because it can be moved omnidirectional.
  • Is embedded in special transport equipment for moving paper or metal rolls, because it takes less manpower.
  • Moving aircraft and aerospace equipment during production, because it is cleanroom suitable.